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Pat Kelly

environmental  engineer,

patent  attorney,  inventor,

candidate  for  U.S.  Senate



1. Started college at 16, graduated with 3.9/4 grade average  (Univ. of Texas, Austin)
          Environmental engineering (mainly pollution control, and large-scale public works)

          Combined civil, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering, plus chemistry, physics, biology, ecology, etc.)
          Student Senator; chosen The Outstanding Senior of 1974 by Tau Beta Pi (engineering equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa)

2. Worked for 3 years for large multi-national company . . .  a major polluter.
         No apologies for that: if you want to solve problems, you usually have to go where the problems are.
         Became liaison between engineering and legal staffs, to help make sure the engineers understood all legal requirements, to help the company obey all applicable laws
         Assisted in major coastal permit acquisition effort (5 environmental impact statements; detailed negotiations with federal, state, and local agencies; hundreds of specialized conditions for dangerous operations)
         Rode a bicycle to work every day
         Night classes in business, finance, accounting, and writing (UCLA)
         Became a Licensed Professional Engineer

3. Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School, 1980
         I fully expected to become an environmental lawyer, but I soon learned that most "environmental lawyers" are really "polluter lawyers" . . . because the polluters pay cash. Instead of protecting the environment, too many "environmental lawyers" specialize in stalling, denying responsibility, and pushing off any costs onto anyone who is not their client
         I didn't want to do that, so I shifted into patent law, instead
         B or better on every exam; A on every paper or project
         Created & wrote comic strip about law school; won two national awards from American Bar Association

4. Patent attorney

          2 years in private practice, 3 years for large company, then sole practitioner (37 years, so far)
         I'm not a litigator, and don't sue people; I just get patents for inventors
         Specialty: high-tech research, mainly in medical technology, chemistry, and pollution control
         Funding a startup company, working on vaccines against pathogens that attack mucous membranes

5. After I arrived in St. Louis, I met & married a remarkably talented woman, who became a very successful executive. We raised 2 daughters; both turned out terrific. Two grandkids.


6. While working with inventors and entrepreneurs, I began thinking of how to apply my legal, scientific, engineering, and inventing skills to the challenge of making politics "better". I'm now trying to put those ideas into play, in the 2022 race for an open U.S. Senate seat in Missouri


(i.e., "Why am I running, in this race?")


As an environmental engineer, I understand it;  and as a patent attorney, my skills are in describing complicated

     things, in ways people can understand

Global warming and sea level rise will bring huge, horrible, unimaginably awful disasters, catastrophes, and crises,

     smashing at high speed into humanity, society, coastlines, and every level of government in every nation

Simple example, proposed as a "primary talking point":

A combination of sea-level rise, and limestone collapse, is going to destroy the entire state of Florida,

     not in 80-100 years, but in the next 30-50 years.

Within the next 10-25 years, the Florida problems will become so undeniable, that coastal values all around Florida

will >> CRASH <<    .  .  .    not by 50%  .  .  . but by 90-95%. About 22 million people now live in Florida;

they will turn into hordes of millions of broke, hungry, angry, and unwanted "refugees from Florida"

The mistake of the past approach: demanding hugely expensive and life-changing government actions

     and programs, before people could agree on what the actual facts are

Different approach: We need to use the 2022 election cycle to: (i) establish a set of undeniable facts,

     and (ii) begin choosing candidates who are smart (and honest) enough to face up to the facts.

2022 campaign proposal:

          Most Democrats are shying away from global warming issues, for reasons that are entirely valid, on the surface. Pessimism and gloom don't win elections; pasted-on smiles and false promises often do.

          But these are not normal times, and Democrats need to realize that they need to take the opposite approach, and put a set of huge, critical, fast-approaching problems front and center, because they can – and should – hammer Republicans – HARD – for their utter, abject, total, absolute refusal to take ANY appropriate steps to even TRY  to help reduce or control the thing that is going to damage America more than any other challenge it has ever faced.

          Millions of voters have become genuinely alarmed, about global warming, and what it is going to do to ALL of us; and so, Democrats need to figure out how to help them get organized, and force those entirely valid, well-founded fears into

much higher levels of public awareness. To help accomplish that, my proposals are:

(1) Develop a consensus that, "These are THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS which every voter should know, and every candidate should be required to face up to, about climate change and sea-level rise."

          Nine specific facts are described on the following pages, as nominees, and starting points for discussion.

(2) Get every possible expert to begin talking about the undeniable facts . . . and about logical, realistic predictions.

​(3) Put the selected facts in front of EVERY candidate for EITHER chamber of Congress – repeatedly – and work with voters and young people to help them develop solid, probing questions which cannot be easily evaded or deflected, by talky-talkers who want to sidestep, evade, and downplay the subject.

(4) Force ALL candidates for Congress to take a stand ON THE FACTS, AND ONLY THE FACTS ("Either concede that they are true, or explain why you believe they are not") WITHOUT DEMANDING ANY COMMITMENTS RE: ANY GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS

(5) Challenge voters to begin identifying – and electing – candidates who have both:

     (i) enough intelligence to actually understand the facts, the problems, and the threats; AND,

     (ii) enough courage, integrity, and honesty to actually begin facing up to the threats America is facing.

(6) Shift the focus from an unrealistic "How can we prevent it?" into a more realistic attitude:

     "It is too late to prevent it; so, Congress – and ALL political leaders – need to begin thinking about, asking experts about, and debating – seriously, and honestly – how ALL levels of government, all of American society,  and the rest of the world, can at least try to minimize the damage, the suffering, the starvation, the killings, and the wars that global warming (including the devastation of coastlines around the world, where nearly 3 billion people live, today) is going to cause. Put simply, we need to begin getting ready, because hard times are coming. Denying the facts, and delaying any efforts to prepare, will only make things worse."
(7) Demand a set of specific, carefully-targeted, fact-oriented Congressional hearings, BEFORE the 2022 elections,

to help voters understand the facts, and the dangers, BEFORE they must make choices in November.

Six specific nominees – for topics which any such hearings should address – are HERE: 


          The damages that will be caused by global warming, and the devastation of coastlines around the world, is – by far – the worst, most severe, and most dire threat that faces America today. This is not about liberal or conservative, or Democrat or Republican, or red state versus blue state; this is about families, homes, communities, and even entire states. And, FLORIDA offers the best case for hard-hitting and direct confrontations, since it is – quite literally – doomed to sink under the oceans, not over a span of 100 years, but within about 50 years, due to the combination of rising oceans, water dissolving the limestone that Florida was built upon, and grotesquely misguided leaders who want to keep their supporters riled up and angry, rather than trying to actually solve problems they do NOT want to have to face up to, talk about, or try to solve.

     If Democrats will face up squarely to a set of facts that have already come true, and demand that voters – and Republican candidates – must do the same, they may be able to turn the 2022 election cycle into a major turning point, in history.


Why am I running for the U.S. Senate?

Because I want my children, and grandchildren – and everyone else's children, and grandchildren – to have at least a chance to live good and happy lives.

But, unless things change, in big ways, they will not get that chance. No one's children or grandchildren will.

2.  I want to find and begin working with people who will help push/pull/persuade BOTH major parties to move back toward the middle, and begin nominating more candidates who are moderate, centrist, respectful and respectable problem-solvers and "work-horses", rather than abusive and insulting "culture-warriors" and "show-ponies". And, we need politicians who will truly and actually help enlarge and stabilize the middle-class, rather than just making empty promises to do so.


     In direct contrast to my "radical realist" approach re: the global warming crisis, in every OTHER respect, I am a centrist, a moderate, an engineer and inventor who analyzes and uses data, logic, and innovation, and a problem-solver.

     I deeply resent the way so many politicians have learned to exploit, abuse, and "milk" the most divisive, polarizing, anger-generating, and hate-filled issues that are tearing America apart, today, using gerry-mandered "safe districts" where the main goal becomes, "Keep the voters on your side stirred up, angry, and wanting revenge, because that will get them to vote for you." We need to do better than that; the proper functioning of any "republic" form of government depends on officials – once they have been elevated to high offices and positions of power – doing their best to help and serve the entire nation, rather than deliberately creating divisions and antagonisms which they can then exploit and abuse.

     And, as an engineer, I know that there are good and useful ways to build bridges between opposing sides, with strong and guarded gates at BOTH ends of any such bridge, to ensure that that bridge is used for peaceful and productive exchanges, visits, and commerce, rather than invading, attacking, destroying, stealing, and vandalizing.

     So, I'm going to be focusing on bridge-building proposals, to try to get conservatives and liberals working together again, in the interest of the entire nation, on specific, limited, carefully-chosen goals, in each of the five most divisive areas that are tearing our society apart today (i.e., abortion, gun rights/controls, immigration, education, and health care).



     I am fully (even acutely) aware that this website is too long, and too wordy, to engage most casual passers-by, or curious voters.

     However, I also am fully (even acutely) aware that it is the best chance I have, to set forth a moderately detailed statement of both facts, and goals, on a subject that is crucially important to all of humanity, but which is being deliberately and actively cluttered, entangled, and even knifed in the back, by politicians (and lobbyists, and campaign contributors, etc.) who are determined to NOT have to face up to these problems. 

     So . . . my hope is that if I can somehow combine the detailed and documented facts and information herein, with an active candidacy in a major political race, and with as much passion and advocacy as I can muster during the remaining time before the August 2, 2022 Democratic Primary race in Missouri – then, this effort might actually be able to help begin moving the entire 2022 election cycle, across the entire nation, in a much more productive direction, than where it currently seems headed. As things currently stand, Republicans absolutely do NOT want to have to face up to the facts and threats of global warming, because their record on the subject is utterly appalling, dreadful, and destructive. The problem is, Democrats also do not want to discuss it, because it "does not poll well", and is not the sort of "happy campaign promises, and photogenic smiles" type of campaigning they are accustomed to.

     What to do, when facing THAT sort of dilemma?

     Among other things, I need to make it as easy as possible, for as many people as possible, to understand what it is that the global warming part of this website, is trying to say.

     As part of that effort, rather than asking anyone to keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling even more, from this first page, all the way through more than a dozen pages of mostly text, I have provided 3 buttons – and an email address – directly below.

     These next two buttons will allow anyone to directly download a single file, which contains the entire "global warming" portion of this website. The button on the left, below, contains the entire global warming portion, as a Microsoft Word file, which can be easily edited. I hereby freely allow and encourage anyone to take any portion of anything I've written, and use it in whatever way they might wish, so long as their goal is to help people learn and understand more about global warming, and the threats it poses. I do not need, want, or ask for any payment (not even a modest campaign contribution), and any attribution (or lack thereof) is entirely up to the user.  I simply do not care about who gets any credit for this work; indeed, I'm even sending it out, as private correspondence, to each and all of my rival candidates in the Democratic primary, in the hope that some of them will begin using one or more portions of it, in their campaigns.

     The button on the right, directly below, is for the exact same thing, in a pdf version. For those who might not realize it, pdf files became so widely accepted and used, largely because they were specifically designed and crafted in ways which (i) are smaller than MS Word files; and, (ii) minimize any risk of any hidden macros or other potentially "infective malware" inside a file. So, if you prefer a pdf file because it is smaller or safer than an MS Word file, you can get it by simply clicking the PDF button below.




Alternately, since many people will be reading this page on cell phones, tablets, etc., here is a simple email address:

If anyone sends either an email or a text message to that address, with a subject line which says either:




I will send you whichever document you request, as an attachment via email.


In addition, this third button, below, will let you directly download a condensed and abbreviated version of the global warming portion of this website. This shorter version – along with a cover letter, also included – is what was sent to the rival candidates, in the Democratic primary for Senate.

The W button will download entire "global warming"

portion of site, in MS Word

The PDF button will download entire "global warming"

portion of site, as a pdf file

This PDF button will download a shorter condensed version of the "global warming"

portion of this site

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