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Contact info for Pat Kelly

Candidate for U.S. Senate, Missouri

Democratic Primary 2022

Pat Kelly for Senate
11939 Manchester #403
St. Louis MO 63131

If you want to know more about how I think and work, and the types of things I will work for,
I created two other websites, years before I decided to enter the race for Senate:

        The website describes how a number of under-appreciated geometric shapes (triangles, tetrahedrons, etc.), and the principles which make them strong and stable, can be used to create better and stronger structures, systems, and relationships. It also describes (and illustrates) how too many arguments arise from mere differences in perspective, rather than differences in reality.

          It also describes and explains the "one-two-sigma-delta" concept, where "sigma" -- ∑ --  is the Greek letter which refers to a sum, or combination, in math equations, and "delta" -- ∆ -- is the Greek letter which refers to the difference between two things or quantities. In relationships, a "sigma" (sum) can be a team, partnership, company, family, or any other entity where a single word is used, to refer to a group, assembly, etc; and the "delta" can be some combination of both: (i) different types of strengths, resources, and assets, on one hand; and, (ii) different weaknesses, deficits, and needs, on the other hands. Those differences can make relationships interesting, useful, and lasting, since those are what can enable each person, in a relationship, to contribute positively, usefully, and constructively to the team, partnership, company, or whatever. That concept, and that way of approaching and analyzing things, could improve a lot of relationships, if more people understood, respected, and applied it.

--  AND --

​I began working on this concept, and website, years ago. It arose from the realization that whenever a 3rd party  becomes strong enough to actually change the outcome of an election, it always creates the OPPOSITE result of what that 3rd party (and its leaders, and followers) want. Why? Because ANY 3rd party will always get MOST of its support by draining it away from -- and "splitting the vote" with -- whichever party it is CLOSER to.
         Classic example #1: Ross Perot entered the 1992 race as a conservative, split the vote with the other conservative (George Bush Senior) and allowed the much more liberal Bill Clinton to win, with only 43% of the vote. The visceral anger that conservatives felt, when they realized they had been tricked into doing something stupid -- by one of their own!! -- played a huge and crucial role in triggering, launching, guiding, and shaping the era which can accurately be called "hate politics". A strong and logical argument can be made that Ross Perot -- and his "third party" -- helped create the hyper-polarized, hyper-paralyzed, nasty, ugly, vicious, and grotesquely dysfunctional political era which has been doing so much damage to America ever since, and which no one has been able to figure out how to fix, or heal, even though 30 years have passed since it began.
         Classic example #2: Ralph Nader entered the 2000 race as an environmentalist, split the vote (especially in Florida) with Al Gore, and gave the Presidency to George Bush Junior, an "oil man". Bush Junior (I'm aware that he prefers the use of "W" as his middle name, but the fact is, his father also had that exact same middle name, and initial) then did THE TOTAL OPPOSITE of what Nader & his followers said they wanted, when it came to environmental issues. Plus, to make things even worse, he turned the largest budget surpluses, ever in the history of the U.S., into the largest budget deficits, ever in history (at that time), with massive tax cuts custom-tailored for Republican campaign contributors. And, he started not just one, but >> TWO!! << unwinnable wars (costing the US. still MORE trillions of dollars). And, as one of his last official acts, he drove the U.S. economy into a deep and horrible ditch (the worst economic collapse since The Great Depression). So, I think ALL of us should try to find SOME way to thank Ralph Nader -- ever so much!!!!!! -- for all those things, since Ralph Nader -- and his "third party" -- helped create those things, as part of his/their enduring legacy.   

​Anyway, back to the subject . . .
how do voters PREVENT those kinds of THIRD-PARTY shenanigans, hijinks, and total disasters, from happening again?

That is what the website is all about.

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